Work description
As this semester our theme was Future Health in 2051, we started imagining how our health and future circumstances could look like and how we wanted them to look like. After having many discussions, researching, talking to experts and seeing how people reacted to our raw ideas and experiments in public, we delved into the vision of creating a scenario, where we show a futuristic symbiosis between humans, plants and also technology.
Basing on the fact that we stopped seeing the nature's wealth and the network between the numerous different and fascinating species living there, and learning that also the human body consists of many microorganisms, we started visualizing our ideas of an equal symbiosis between humans and plants in our film set - as a film was this semesters' medium. 
While building up our future scenario, full of  futuristic plants, we were challenged to bring them to life within simple analog, but convincing mechanisms for filming. 
For me working with my team on this project turned out as a really rich period. Being confronted with correct communication, time management, organization and thinking ahead, getting to know new materials through experimenting, handling a film set (camera, lights etc.) and of course also having a great time with spreading and combining our ideas and approaching together the same vision.
Design Process
Making Of 
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